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About Us

Where you will find the cut you are looking for!


MisterCutts Barbershop was founded in late 2014 when two young fellows have a light chit chat on their way to home by suburb train and subsequently followed by ongoing discussions during their coffee break in the office.

It was a pretty much spontaneous idea and since then, the first MisterCutts Barbershop Bintaro branch was officially served publics on November 2014.  And as per today, we just opened our second branch at Lebak Bulus.


The idea of building this business has drawn much attention from other co-founders and decided to fully commit together to grow MisterCutts Barbershop.  We are known as “The 4 Happy Founders“. It is our pledge to make our customer delighted and confidence about them self by providing the best and suitable haircuts, remarkable customer experiences including a cozy yet clean place to hang out and also a consistent customer support experience throughout your visit.

We commit to keep growing and reach our customers in Indonesia and to help our customers to be delighted and confident, because our vision is simple: to become a leading and most favorite LIFESTYLE barbershop in Indonesia that UNDERSTANDS our customers’ NEEDS.


Any style. Any length. Any time.

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This is not your father’s barbershop.

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The home of men’s grooming.

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Bintaro Branch

Jl. Bintaro Utama V (depan STAN), Sektor V, Bintaro, Tangerang Selatan

Phone : +62 813 8557 8388

Lebakbulus Branch

Jl. Karangtengah Raya No 12, Lebakbulus, Jakarta Selatan

Phone : +622122706049


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